What are the long-term effects of HEV light?
Studies indicate that skin’s exposure to HEV light over time can contribute to premature aging, uneven pigmentation, and possibly disease.

How Does Liposhield® Work?
When applied, Liposhield® remains on the surface of the skin and absorbs light in the HEV range, providing a barrier that prevents radiation from penetrating the skin.

What can I do to protect my skin against HEV light?
Start by looking for skincare and beauty products that include Melanin in the ingredient list. Note, however, that not all types of Melanin protect against HEV light, so additionally, ensure that there is a front-label claim for HEV light protection.

What are the benefits of Liposhield® for my skin?
Liposhield® protects skin from the harmful effects of HEV light. This includes the prevention of:
• Oxidative stress - The cause of wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots
• Generation of an impaired barrier - The cause of dry and sensitive skin
• Skin aging generated through accelerated cell senescence (the word “senescence” is derived from the Latin word, “senescere,” meaning "to grow old")
• Hyperpigmentation (possibly) - Age spots or sun spots

Why am I just learning about HEV light now?
The discussion about the potentially harmful effects of HEV light really only began in 2008. Now that we have done research and understand the problem better, we are able to offer an effective solution.

Do different skin types react to HEV light differently?
Generally speaking, just like with UV rays, people with fairer skin are at higher risk of skin damage due to HEV light exposure over time. It is recommended that everyone protect themselves from the long-term detrimental effects of HEV light.

Is HEV light like UV (ultraviolet) light?
HEV light and UV light are both on the electromagnetic spectrum, but they operate at different wavelengths. UV light has shorter wavelengths, making them invisible, while HEV light is visible.

What types of products might contain Liposhield®?
• Daily wear moisturizing creams and lotions
• Anti-aging treatment products
• Sunscreen products
• Foundation makeups

Are there products containing Liposhield® that are available now?
Elysee YouthSpan Enviro-Shield Tinted Veil
Soap & Glory™ Make Yourself Youthful™ Sunshield Superfluid™ SPF50+
Skinn® Bright Side Correcting Serum